Easter in Finland

Hello, guys :) my easter vacation is over and it’s time to share with you some finnish easter traditions. Finnish Easter traditions mix religious references with customs related to the long-awaited arrival of spring. If you answer the door on the Sunday before Easter, you may be confronted by endearing little witches offering to bless…


JaaIce – winter fun for students

JaaIce is winter sports –happening that organized by MAMK together with it’s partners. In the event you can take part in various winter sports –activities such as: kicksled race, brush & ball, curling, snowshoe walking, iceskating and new activity tandem-skiing. You can also find good music, hot juice and the opportunity to participate contests at…


Happy St. Valentine’s day!

Happy St. Valentine’s day my friends!  St. Valentine’s day is known in Finland as Ystavanpaiva – Friend’s day. It was a small happening in Dexi yeaterday with music, greeting and lots and lots of LOVE! Enjoy pictures and Ella Fitzgerald – My Funny Valentine. Be happy, hold on to people you love.


Microbiology labs

I think one of my favourite classes in university were microbiology labs. Invisible world of bacteria around us is extremely interesting. Some of them are dangerous, but most of the bacteria helping us every day and actually a part of our immune system. This classes always held by teacher Maritta Jokela. She taught us to grow bacteria, feed them…


No pain, no gain!!!

I think the second most popular place in MAMK after canteen Kasarmina is gym. A lot of students visit it every day. I’ve made a few pictures for you! Barbie fitness :)


EE students win MAMK Business Idea competition

I am proud to announce that last week EE students took 2d place in MAMK Business idea competition. Every year MAMK students have chance to present their business ideas. 10 best ideas fight for further development in the final round. 3 best ideas are chosen by experts.  Last Thursday 10 best team met in Xino kampus…


Student apartment of your dreams

Hello my dear friends! Application period time is almost started and now you can start preparing to your student life in Mikkeli. Hahaha, yep, bars and clubs are very important but today I am going to tell you about students apartments in Mikkeli. So I made a small research and visited a student apartments of…